The following theater lobby photographs were provided by Joe Kelly, another avid "Almost Angels" collector. All pictures are © 1962 by Walt Disney.

In our first photograph, Tony had arrived with his mom and dad at the Augarten Palace where they were welcomed by two of the directors. Peter had not yet been asked to show Tony where to "put your things".

Tony made his way around the outside ledge of the children's hospital, after he had been locked inside a room by Peter and Friedel. He then crawled out a window to get to the area where he was to sing his solo! The pranksters looked on from the window at right.

Where was the orchestra at High Mass? NOW we know, from this wide shot taken from above-rear. They were behind the choir! This picture also shows the clergy fully outfitted in pre-Vatican II garb (the movie was made in 1962).

This photograph of Friedel after the "pillow fight" is especially interesting since the scene never appeared in the movie. Denis Gilmore's character was very important to the story-- he and Tony shared a special bond because the two boys had auditioned on the same day.

Here is evidence that "Uncle Walt" allowed the boys to have some fun while they were not involved in filming! The boy on the left was almost certainly one of the *real* Vienna Choir Boys who appeared in the film. He and Gilmore were devouring "corn on the cob"! Obviously a publicity still, the shot appears to have been taken at an amusement park (note the large roller coaster in the background).

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