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The following theater lobby photographs were provided by Joe Kelly, another avid "Almost Angels" collector.

Herr Heller and Peter in the stage area where the operetta dress rehearsal occurred-- Peter, being respectfully honest, tries to tell about his voice change, but finds the director too involved to listen:

Here Friedel checks out the infamous radio which Tony had brought from home. The radio became the causal factor for the pillow fight!

The "Pillow Fight" scene-- Peter's first attempt to get Tony into trouble. It began when Peter turned on Tony's radio. Tony said he was going to take it back home and asked Peter not to turn it on, saying, "We'll get into trouble." Peter replied, "YOU'LL get into trouble!":

Ferdie, the character played by Hennie Scott, who agrees to 'sing for' Peter at the operetta rehearsal in a plot hatched by Tony to conceal Peter's voice change:

A few of the boys in this photograph had to be actual Vienna Choir Boys at the time. Be sure to see our Comments and Memorials Page for a tribute to one of the Vienna boys who was in the movie.

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