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Dear Almost Angels,   Thank you for your efforts with this web page. I will never forget the holiday season when I kept asking my parents for money to yet again go see this movie. Of course that was forty some years ago. I did receive a Vienna Boys Choir LP for Christmas that year!

This movie was inspiring. It was life changing. I joined my church choir and began my study of piano and voice because of this movie and this great choir. I remembered it everytime I performed in college and especially in the US Navy Blue Jacket Choir (it must have been the uniforms). What a gift the love of music is!

The clips are awesome, I run them and it is like no time has passed, I hope that this picture is available on DVD someday.   Best Regards and God Bless to all at Almost Angels! - Lou Washington, Park Hills, Kentucky

Dear Almost Angels, Can't believe that your Web site exists, and that there are so many fans besides me of this (alas) pushed-aside film. True, it does take a few liberties in portraying the audition process, but the music is, as expected, wonderful! Incidentally, your profile of the "rejected" choirboy (portrayed by Bernard Hindinger) is quite amusing and ironic, since he really was a Vienna Choir Boy. I don't know the fellow personally (and I wish him well), but I do recognize him (and some other cast members) from the cover of one of my old Christmas LPs by the choir. On that cover, though, they are a couple of years older. Yours, Robert Moy, New York City, New York

I can't believe I found this site. I have loved The Vienna Boys Choir since I was a little girl. When I saw that Disney Channel was showing a movie about them when I was about 15 years old, I taped it almost every time it was on. I thought I was the only person in the world who loved this movie. I had a chance to meet the Vienna Boys Choir in Austria when I was 16 (I am 28 now) and it was an amazing experience. Thanks for the site. - Diane Procopio, Raleigh, North Carolina

A great website! I have just played the video of Almost Angels (known at uk release as BORN TO SING) to my Year 4 class at school and they loved it. For your information - Sean did not exactly take a break in 1962 - in 1964 he appeared as the squire's son John Banks in the Disney film 'Dr.Syn - alias the Scarecrow' (in the USA 'The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh') Best wishes. - Barry Marsh, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK

I thought this to be a curious thing and that some of you'd like to know: the Amadeus Boys Choir's president took part in that movie, since he was a real Vienna Choirboy at that time. Now that I've visited your "Almost Angels" pages again, I spotted him on one of the pictures. It is from the rehearsal scene, I suppose.

During our trip to Wiesbaden in Germany last December he brought the video with him so that the boys could see it on the bus. He himself said that he was chosen because he was always smiling when singing :- ). He's also featured, if I remember correctly, in the pillow fight scene (the boy who opens sort of a curtain) and in the scene with the apples (not smiling that time ;-)))) - Katia Raffeiner, Vienna Austria

Hello, my name is Caitlin Benson. Although I do not know (or how to obtain) the whereabouts of any of the remaing cast or crew of Almost Angels, it would please me so much to have them. If anyone has (or will in the future) e-mailed you with the means to do so, please contact me at:  You have no idea how much this means to me. Even in the sad event of you not having the where abouts of any of the cast or crew, please consider e-mailing me to tell me that & to keep me in mind for the future. Again THANK YOU for your time & thank you for putting such a wonderful web page up. - Caitlin Elizabeth Benson, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

We have one of the old copies of Almost Angels in the white video case for our school. I have been using this movie in music class for two decades or more. When the movie first came out, there was not a VCR and we did not have color TV. I would rent the film from a distributor and show it at school. Later, we purchased a copy of the movie on VCR and I use it for 6th grade music classes almost every 6 weeks. It is a great movie and I have enjoyed it every time I show it. The students love this movie also. The main reason for showing the film is to let the boys know that this is the way boys sound before their voices change and it is O.K. to sing high. They learn that they do not sound like girls, but sound like boys. We have selected songs from the movie available and we sing these songs in class, learning them in English and some in German. This provides a great excuse to sing songs of these great composers (Strauss, Haydn, Schubert, and others) and study the composers' lives. I also have an old song book that came out when the movie did.(Songs from: Almost Angels) and we use some songs from this. This movie is a great part of our 6th grade music experience and gives us some great learning opportunities. I also have some follow-up videos that relate to boys' changing voices and the literature that boys and treble voices sing. I did lots of research in this area a while back when writing my doctoral dissertation. Keep the web site going, we enjoy it. --- D.C. Rhoden, Oconee Co. Middle School, Watkinsville, Georgia

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In Loving Memory...

Many years ago, I attended a matinee performance of the Vienna Choir Boys which took place in San Diego. The alto soloist that day was a tall, lanky 13-year old kid named Bernhard Hiebsch. His solo that day was "Litanai" by Franz Schubert, which speaks about souls ascending to the Creator. Only later did I learn that Bernhard's own father had passed away that day, and he was told of his father's passing only moments before singing that solo. The audience never knew the depth of meaning of the magnificent performance they heard that day.

Later, Bernhard was included in the Disney movie "Almost Angels." He appears as one of the girls in the "dress rehearsal" of the operetta and can easily be identified by the thick glasses he wore. Subsequently, he was the alto soloist on one of the Mozart Mass recordings made during that era, unnamed and uncredited, of course, as was the tradition of that day.

Five years ago, my friend Bob Rogers and I visited Vienna, and were taken out for a Heurigen in Grinzing, a wine-growing portion of Vienna, by Bernhard and his beautiful wife. It was a memorable occasion, with much music and laughter. He was proud of his association with the Chorus Viennensis, a male chorus of former WSK'ers.

Now, sadly, come the tears ... I received word today from Raoul Gehringer that Bernhard passed away last year due to cancer of the tongue. He was much too young. I just wanted you all to know a little about Bernhard. He was far too shy to join a group like ours, but deserved acclaim for the little bit of beauty that he gave the world when he was young, and for his kindnesses in adulthood. "Salve, et vale," Bernhard! --- Douglas Neslund

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