"Goofs" and Trivia, also contributed by Bryan Denham

UNIFORM MYSTERY   As you know, Walt Disney persuaded the Austrian government to permit The Vienna Boys Choir to wear The Eagle on their tunic, which continues today. But, in the movie 'Almost Angels' (AKA 'Born To Sing')... The last 'singing' scene, where the choir are (supposedly) in Australia, so wearing their white tops... the tunics do not have the badge. I'm guessing the tunics weren't completed in time for the movie...or at least that 'take'. I've checked all my CD sleeves, and the boys, wearing the white tunic also have 'The Eagle'.

OOPS!   Even the movie's director, Steve Previn, let a few mistakes slip by:

Vincent Winter... Tony Fiala;

Sean Scully... Peter Schaefer;

Peter Weck... Max Heller;

Denis Gilmore... Friedel Schmidt;

Hennie Scott... Ferdie

WARNING! This list contains all the mistakes I've found so far. If you enjoy the film as it is, don't read anymore, as knowing the mistakes may take some of the enjoyment away.

When Toni & his parents go to the school (Augarten Palais) for the first time, they have to walk through a large lawned garden, almost no trees or bushes. When they step through the door, there is not a tree or bush in sight, but when the camera moves inside, you can plainly see trees swaying outside? I guess the director wanted to get the famous stairs into the shot.

The Scene where Toni is sitting on the window seat reading his arithmetic book. Max Heller takes him into his office, but if you watch, the door is in the middle of the passage, but when the camera moves inside the room you see the two walking in, but outside the door doesn't look as it should for the middle of the passage.

Toni's mother is in conversation with another mother outside the room, while he is performing at the audition. The Woman asks her how old is Toni. She replies, "He'll be 12 in January", but later in the film we see Toni's school report, which states Toni's birthday is 2nd May 1951.

At the audition Toni sits there with a rolled up piece of music paper. At no time do we see any writing on it, even after he unrolls it and passes it to Max Heller showing the outside of the rolled paper is in fact the front. I guess it's only a prop after all.

When the boys come down the stairs to get their apples, watch the first collection of boys. When Toni & Friedel follow they are passed by Joseph whose already been down to get his apple. Also after Toni is told to report to the Director's office, we see Ferdie on the stairs where he asks "Do you think he'll tell?" The two boys with him have also been down to get their apples before. Must have been short of boys that day.

At the start we see Toni & Peter talking on the train platform. As they talk while Peter is cramming everything into his cases we see Ferdie pass in the background with a woman (I assume supposed to be his mother), there is a short dialogue between him and Peter as he walks by. Then Peter says, "I've got to find my parents" and as he and Toni walk down the platform we see Ferdie in the background again, this time with a different woman.

When Toni is in his first music lesson, where he makes a mistake & sings off key, when the boys are gathered around the piano, the front of the piano is open, but when Max Heller is standing in front conducting the boys it's closed.

In the last part where the choir are on stage singing 'The Blue Danube' we only see Ferdie at the end while Peter is taking his bows. Makes me wonder if Ferdie was there at this session. Also while on the subject of the choir singing 'The Blue Danube'. It seems the boys at the back keep moving to the front at certain sections...

When Toni & Peter are in the gym, Peter challenges Toni to a race up the poles. Toni accepts and kicks off his shoes, the shoes are on the left of the pole.  When Peter walks out the gym, Toni gets an idea but remembers he hasn't got his shoes on so runs, and slides to his shoes which have now moved to the right of the pole. I guess Toni couldn't swing around the pole clockwise.

After Peter runs out of the room where the boys are trying out their costumes for the Strauss comic opera, Toni runs after him. As Toni runs down the corridor, Joseph steps out into the corridor from one of the classrooms on the side, but Toni just left Joseph upstairs trying on his costume. Must have been short of boys that day as well.

When the Choir are at the children's hospital performing 'The Postman' Toni gets locked into a room by Peter. What type of room has the lock on the outside?

When the choir are singing Peter's song during their day out it seems that after the second collection of boys run in to sing, the boy in front with the black & white check shirt seems to move from the outside, to standing beside Toni alternatively, depends where the camera is. Must have had only one camera that day.

When Peter attempts to run away from the rest of the choir after singing his song to himself, Ferdie snatches the music out of his hand. As Ferdie moves up onto a ledge Toni is right behind him only an arms length away. But when the camera moves to show only Ferdie, there is a length of time not consistent with the distance between the two boys before we see Toni again.

The Boys are very clumsy on their feet. (1) Just before the pillow fight scene as the boys move away from the washroom, the boy in the red striped pyjamas skips over something on the floor.    (2) As Ferdie runs to his bed after shouting, "watch it" as Max Heller tries the door, he slips on the feathers on the floor.    (3) While the boys are having their picnic Joseph attempts to jump over a group of boys, but fails and clips one of the boys with his foot.    (4) When Toni goes to the Director's office after being told to by Peter, he clips the edge of the carpet in the hall. Luckily it falls flat again.

After Peter & Toni leave the room after singing their Schubert duet, Max Heller continues playing the piano and humming to himself. As the camera pans away you can see the shadow of the mike boom on the wall.

And finally-- Has anybody managed to do the equation on the blackboard seen in Toni's first class (as Toni is [according to his mother] only twelve, quite a difficult question)?

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