The following photographs were provided by Bryan Denham, another avid "Almost Angels" collector. All images are © 1962 by Walt Disney. - Please allow plenty of time, based on your connection speed, for all photos to download!

Remember, some of the boys were child actors, but actual members of the choirs also performed. In the following photo, Vincent Winter (fourth from the left) was probably the only boy under Disney contract.

The next five photos are from the operetta dress rehearsal. We will never know how much kidding Denis Gilmore and Vincent endured because of these scenes, but to their credit, they put everything they had into it!

Bruni Löbel played Tony's mom. Perfect casting!

Tony knew that "the show must go on" -- That trip around to a window looked very realistic!

Tony and Friedel (below) checked out Tony's radio-- just before the big pillow fight. I doubt if the boys had to "act" like they were having fun-- in all of those feathers!

And now, several photos of what it was all about-- boys singing in rehearsal and concerts:

Here are five shots that were never in the movie. The originals DO have the same "Almost Angels" credits below the photos, so we know they don't belong to some other movie. Or did Uncle Walt just include these to make sure we knew that he gave the boys some extra R & R? We will probably never know.

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