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We have had several e-mail inquiries concerning the music in this unique movie. Indeed one result of Uncle Walt's filming in Austria-- seems to have been the introduction of some high quality music to millions of viewers who would otherwise probably never run across it. For some reason, when "Almost Angels" was produced, it was not the custom (or legal requirement?) to list titles and copyright information on music at the end of each film. On this page we will be printing responses which answer some of these questions:

From Robert Moy in New York City, New York:

November 27th, 2002 - Regarding the song heard as Toni Fiala is being brought to Augarten Palace by his mom and dad, it's either an Austrian or German folksong which can be thought of as a "Wanderlied" (traveling song). The title I am familiar with is "Wohlan die Zeit is kommen." If I understand the second line of the song, it translates "My horse must get saddled (I must saddle my horse)."

The operetta used in the film has been performed in many Vienna Boys' Choir concerts (albeit to piano accompaniment). I saw the kids perform it at four different concerts, and there are some differences in some of the Strauss melodies used in the film version and the live versions. The operetta has been alternately titled "Tales From Old Vienna" or "Tales From the Vienna Woods." Either way, it's a melange of popular Strauss works such as "Tritsch Tratsch Polka" and "Rosen aus dem Suden." - Yours, Robert Moy

From Maria Dimaki in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Hi Gene and all, out of the top of my head:

* Title song is of course Johann Strauss, Jr.'s "Emperor Waltz".

* A song called "Willkommen". I was unable to find any information about that one.

* Friedel sings what I suspect is an Austrian ländler song. To my ears he seems to be singing something like "Tri-tu-li-a", but I was never accused for being able to understand the words when people sing...

* Tony is singing H. Werner's "Heidenröslein". I had always thought it was Schubert, but it isn't.

* There is a song they sing when Tony comes to the school, but I can't make out the words and thus cannot find it. Sounds traditional Austrian.

* The canon they sing at Tony's first rehearsal: At least in Greek that song talks about a cuckoo bird. I don't know if the Greek translation was after the German song. (And no, the one time that Greek TV dared to show "AA", it was fortunately shown in original language with subtitles. I just heard the song somewhere else sung in Greek).

* Tony and Peter sing Schubert's "Lindenbaum".

* A song called "The Postman", I have been unable to find out what it is exactly.

* At the church: "Omnes de Saba venient" by Joseph Eybler.

* On the boat: "Lustig ist das Zigeunerleben", a German and Austrian traditional song.

* A song supposedly written by Peter. Something about a chicken. I don't really know what that is.

* At home: "Guten Abend, gut Nacht", Franz Schubert.

* In the class: "Greensleeves", an English traditional song.

* Then we have a Strauss Opera, just some waltzes by Strauss where words have been given to make the opera.

* Ending with Johann Strauss Jr's "An den schönen blauen Donau" sung not at Sydney Opera House but in the Golden Sal of the Wiener Musikverein.

In the publicity photo below, you can tell that some of the boys were a little tired and ready for a break. Remember that *real* Vienna Choir Boys were used in this film along with the *stars* under contract to Disney!

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