Sean Scully, 1990

He certainly isn't "cute" anymore, but Peter from "Almost Angels", who also played both the "Prince" and the "Pauper" in that Disney production, was still making movies in 1995!

These two snaps from the Australian movie "Heaven Tonight" are proof that the years have been kind to Sean Scully. It appears that he has suffered only a receding hairline.

Rated "R" (for violence and language), "Heaven Tonight" is the story of an over-the-hill rock singer and his son-- who has learned new ways of singing-- using electronics and computers with a new group called "Video Rodney". Scully plays a music producer named Tim Robbins. All heck breaks loose when this producer chooses to sign the son rather than the father. Most of the movie is filmed in dark rooms which makes it seem depressing. In fact, the brightest, most colorful and most cheerful scene occurs in a cemetery. The movie is 97 minutes long and was sold on NTSC VHS by Academy Entertainment, Catalog #1530. Any interested buyers will probably have to find it at an online auction. It was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria.

Sean Scully's first movie was the Dutch film, "Hunted in Holland", which he made in 1960, two years before "Almost Angels". He took a break from 1962 to 1971, but then seems to have found an occasional role up to 1995 when he appeared in two TV productions.

Our thanks to Joe Kelly for providing us with the movie to review! If anyone knows how to contact Sean Scully or ANY of the "Almost Angels" cast, please let us know!

1992 & 1993

The photo at left is from a page which describes two Australian TV shows: "Phoenix" (1992) and "Phoenix II" (1993). Sean Scully played a character named Ian Cochrane. The following are biographical and casting comments from that site:

SEAN SCULLY - Scully is the son of Actress Margaret Christensen who took him to London when he was 11 where he made an international impression staring in three Walt Disney films in a row. After being a child star Scully went on to develop a career with a wide range of experience in film, television and theatre including working with Noel Coward on Broadway in the 1960's.

The character of 'Goose' Cochrane is based on the deputy director of the Victorian Forensic Science laboratory Bob Barnes - an expert in post-bomb blast analysis. Barnes worked on all the big bombings, from Russell Street to the Hilton. The physical likeness between the two was uncanny; when they met Barnes said Scully could easily have been his brother.