It's "a guy thing"!

I was never any good at sports, but I know they are good for boys.   It is possible for boys to have good role models in sports.  The boys and perhaps one or two coaches work together; pride and teamwork can certainly be taught.  But can a *group* of men and a *group* of boys play a football game together?  Perhaps at a practice or just for fun-- but I think in a real game, the boys would get smashed, don't you?

Replace football above with just about any other activity which males enjoy and do well.   There will always be those big differences of size, weight and coordination.

What then *is* an activity which places both boys and men on an "even playing ground"? *

Boys as young as 8 or 9 are just as important in this glorious sound as are the men, and in some cases they may have even more talent.

It is perhaps a dangerous thing to speculate on what God may enjoy observing in His creations, but I sincerely believe that our Creator loves to see and hear this special *teamwork* by his boys and men, both young and old.  It is a kind of praise like no other, and male choirs in the UK, other European countries and even in a few more parts of the world-- bring to me a special kind of assurance, inspiration and comfort-- as I see and hear "the guys" singing together.

                                                            ---Gene Bitner, Webmaster