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The following screen captures by Tom, AD5FD, show PART of the balloon's track of KE5BFH-11 on 144.34 APRS, in relation to other Panhandle stations on the air that morning.

In the second capture, closer in, you will note that the balloon left Texas right away and remained in Oklahoma for the remainder of its trip. The light yellow line represents the Texas State Line. The area of track with a more or less straight line-- possibly represents the time the beacon was not received (being off frequency, as noted earlier). N5SNN-1 was a chase vehicle.

Here are two screen shots which Adair, KD5DYP, took from the laptop in his truck-- all the info coming in via RF. In the first, the curving, yellow line shows the balloon flight path, with the red "X" marking the point of highest elevation.

The next screen capture shows the data streams (76 packets were received to this point from the KE5BFH-11 transmitter) in the lower area. Flight data, including 86,441 feet as the maximum altitude, is shown in the center portion of the screen.

"Hot on the trail!"   Here is a photo sent in by Jerome, K5IS. He and Josh are aiming the 4-element beam:

These guys sure seem happy to have made a successful recovery!  Cameron, Thomas and Dempsey, K5DJI:

Photography from the balloon was done by a Vivitar 3350 with 640 x 480 resolution. These are remarkably good for a camera which cost less than $20! The first shot was taken near the ground and shows good details:

The second photo is a nice shot of cloud shadows on the ground:

And this third view is from near top altitude (above 86,000 feet).  You can see a batch of circle systems on the Braums Dairy Farms southeast of Follett, Texas.

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