Restoration & Rededication

The Ludlow Massacre Monument

Ludlow, Colorado - June 5, 2005

I had seen the sign along I-25 several times while driving to and from the Colorado Springs tourist areas. Around four years ago I decided that I had enough time to drive down the dirt (now recently paved) road to see what was there. I was touched immediately by the story of the 1914 massacre of men, women and eleven children. Then, on a later visit, I was shocked at the destruction caused by vandals-- the statues of a man and woman beheaded, an arm removed from the woman. My FIRST thoughts were, "This is exactly what Corporate America would like to do to ALL union activity-- behead it and destroy it."  I wanted very much to be present for the rededication of the restored monument. I saw only one other Texas license plate, although there could have been others there among the estimated 400 that attended. I hope these pages will be of interest to those of you who were not there.


Vehicles quickly filled the monument's regular parking area and the areas on each side of the road, extending down to the railroad track. A wire fence was then cut so additional parking would be available on the nearby grassland. At right above and left below, area union banners were proudly displayed.


The Alabama tag, above right, identified the visitors' state, but the UNION bumper sticker is what supported the cause!  Coffee and doughnuts were available for all who showed up early (below, left), and floral tributes were in place by the cloth covered statues (below, right).


The following two videos were made without a tripod, but they will offer a taste of the activities. I was using a battery pack of unknown life; could not be in two places at once; and therefore was unable to tape many of the other inspiring speeches.  At left below, Lianne "Buffie" McFadyen, Colorado State Representative for House District 47, read the names of those who were killed on April 20, 1914 and urged those present to never forget what happened at Ludlow. The weather was perfect for the unveiling, below right. High speed connections will be able to stream the videos by simply clicking the the photos below. Those on dial-up connections may click below each image to download the files before playback.



Restoration complete...

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