Littlefield's   Class of 1961

All Littlefield Wildcats Welcome!

What was happening in 1961?   Eddie Murphy and Diana Spencer were born; Weight Watchers was founded; The oral contraceptive was launched in the USA; In flight movies were introduced by TWA; Bob Dylan played his first gig in New York; The E-Type Jaguar was launched; The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba failed; Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space; The East German border was sealed; The Berlin Wall was built; South Africa left the British Commonwealth; and The LHS Yearbook Staff presented students with their first black and red yearbook!

This website should help bring back some memories of those "good old days" which now seem so peaceful, compared to the stresses and frustrations of today. You are invited to browse the links below. To hear the audio files you will need Real Player. (A free version is available if you look hard enough for it.)






SOUND: From the 1959 "Beat Kermit" Pep Rally - The Wildcat Band directed by Beryl Harris - Button at left below will pause/start and button at right will stop the file from playing.