Our 48th Reunion!

NOTE: There are 15 photo files on this page, in addition to the link graphics at the bottom. Unless you have a broadband connection, expect a long delay before they all download. Just sit back, be patient, and see if you can remember the wisecrack someone made during the assembly when we saw the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" :-)

And it was great to be back again, in the room that was our library back in 1961 and that now serves as the library for Littlefield's much younger Wildcats! Neta, Paula (below) and Marilyn arrived early to get the coffee going and to set out the refreshments.

Margo and Kay (above) - Doyle, Charles and Max (below)

Ray, June and Monte (below)

Pat, Larry and Marilyn (below) - Larry autographed some copies of his latest book, People I've Known.

Bernie and Deroyce (above) - Doyle and Charles (below) look over some old photos that Gene either took or saved during our high school years.

Max, Monte and Deroyce (above) - Rod and Nelson (below)

Kay, Carol and Kenny (below)

Part of our group headed to Pizza Hut for lunch and a very enjoyable time of remembering old (and mostly very funny) happenings from "those years" -- one of them being that pizza had not really "arrived" in Littlefield by 1961. It was still mostly cheeseburgers and fries back then!

Sorry I left some folks out of the photos. It wasn't intentional, but it's just getting more difficult to remember who and when.

Many thanks to those who planned and presented this event! It's great that some of you could drive so many miles to attend; and if you couldn't make it this time-- know that you were in our thoughts.