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David Walden - Sandy Ridge, NC

Just an update to let everybody know the changes in my life since last E-Mail. I've found the Love of my life (a beautiful North Carolina girl) & we were married on May the 10th 2004. She's 20 years younger than me. (Had to have somebody to take care if me when I get OLD--HA! HA!.)

I still love this beautiful state of North Carolina & still live on the 75 acre farm & I am still working on restoring my home HA! HA! (Like I said, a life time project) I have another grandson from my son Michael & I got a grandaughter & two more grandsons when I got married.

My Mother passed away in 2003 & my Dad moved back to Littlefield. I'm still semi-retired & just enjoying working here on my home & land. Still have several dogs, cats & rabbits. They're all spoiled rotten. I get back to Littlefield occasionally, but not as often as I should. We had some GREAT TIMES growing up & going to school in Littlefield. Wish we could live it all over again sometime. Sorry to see all of our deceased classmates. I guess I felt we would all live forever. Everybody take care of yourselves & let me here from you or come out this way for a visit. My E-Mail address is & my mailing address is 3366 Amostown Rd, Sandy Ridge, NC, 27046. My Phone # is 336-871-2571. I'll try to send a picture later. Good bye for now & take care.

Your friend & classmate David Walden

Marilyn Penn - Longmont, Colorado

Hello, everyone! I've thought of all of you at various times during the years, and hope you are all having a great 2005 so far, and that it just gets better! I'm in Longmont, CO; about 12 miles NE of Boulder, and 30 miles N of Denver. My Mother is 90 yrs. old, and is residing with me. My Dad passed away in Sept. of '94 of Melanoma cancer. My daughter, Laura, is in Atlanta; and is quite the career woman. Donna and her husband, Todd live in Lafayette- about 12 miles S of here- with my 2 grandsons: Cody (8) and Wiley (2 and 1/2). Babysitting once a week keeps life interesting! Cody is an aspiring roboticist and violinist. I lost my son, Jeremy (a few days shy of his 26th birthday) in August of 2000. Cody is his son.

Teaching piano lessons and accompaning choirs at a middle school keep me pretty busy, as well as singing with and arranging for an a cappella quartette (all women) called "4*Ever Young".

Some of my fondest memories are: the marching contest in the blizzard at the Tech Stadium; the State Fair playing under the direction of Mitch Miller; singing Bach's "All Breathing Life" the one year I was in the mixed choir; I can almost remember everyone who was in band, their instruments and chairs!

I spent one year in Holland ('84-'85), and one year in Fairbanks, AK ('89-'90). My friend Annie's father-in-law is a retired pilot living in Wasilla: last name of Millard. Do you know him, Eddie? It has really been a treat to read the letters in the emailbag and see the pictures! Here is a LINK that a friend of mine shared with me, that I thought maybe all of you would enjoy as well. (Actually, I'm sure that we predated the 15 cent McDonald's hamburger!) Wishing the best for all of you this year!

Love,  Marilyn Penn

Bobby Dow - Ft. Worth

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THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF BOBBY DOW - After graduating in 1961, I went to Lubbock Christian College for a year and then transferred to Texas Tech. I graduated from Tech in 1967 with a Degree in Architecture. Being healthy and single, I knew I was Grade A for the military, so I took ROTC and “Volunteered’ to go to the service. When asked where I would enjoy serving Uncle Sam (remember this was in the middle of Vietnam) I said: Alaska, Greenland, the Arctic - anywhere it was very cold.

To my surprise, the Army took me up on my offer and sent me to Alaska. I spent 2 winters in the “Coldest Place on The North American Continent” according to the Army. I survived 55 below 0. I was the Engineer Officer at the Army Arctic Test Center. Upon discharge, I came to Dallas and earned a living as an architect. In 1975 during the oil embargo, I fell back on my Army training and started working for insurance companies as a safety engineer. I learned never to say never, because my Army training appeared to have nothing to do with my high priced education. Since 1969, I have always had something to do with construction - either as an architect or in keeping workers safe.

After one winter in Alaska, I came back to Texas and married a teacher who was raised in Colorado City. Ironically she and Romie Townsend were born the same day in the same San Diego, California, hospital. After leaving Alaska in 1969, we came to Irving, Tx., and then moved just west of Grapevine in 1980. We have a girl who graduated from the SMU law school and is a Texas lawyer. We have a boy who got his Masters degree from Abilene Christian Univ. and works as a counselor for the Birdville School District (northwest edge of Ft. Worth). At the time many are talking about retirement, I am still working with no plans for retirement. My dad is 87 and stills keep the “shop” open, my uncles were all farmers, so I have no mentor to follow into retirement.

Bobby Dow - Class of 1961. My address is

Bill Fowler - Rhome

This photo is from the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade 2004. I am the Camp Commander of the Gov. S.W.T. Lanham Camp #586 in Weatherford, Texas. Gov. Lanham was the 22nd Governor of Texas. He was the last Confederate to serve in that position. After the War of Northern Aggression he came to Texas from South Carolina, became a school teacher, and later a District Attorney for the Weatherford District. He is the first person to convict some Indians of murdering federal soldiers of General Sherman. The Indians thought they were safe after fleeing to Fort Sill. Surprise, surprise! The C.O. handed them over to Sam Lanham and they went to jail. They were tried and convicted, sent to Huntsville, and pardoned by a Reconstructionist Governor. Guess who was removed from office on the next election. Anyway, I am the first rider in a Confederate Officer’s Artillery uniform. Following me are members of my camp and members from Terry’s Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry), which I belong to also. Terry’s was the PREMIER cavalry unit from Texas during the late war. Started out with over 1000 men and officers, fought in 7 states in 270 battles, and were willing to continue fighting to protect Texas from invasion. When they finally surrendered, there were about 250 left. Littlefield is named after Major George Littlefield of the Rangers. Littlefield donated the land that UT campus sits on. He was regent of UT, bank chairman, etc. At the end of his life, he was the wealthiest man in Texas owning ranches in New Mexico and in Texas. His great nephew is on page 77 of the 1961 annual. He is a rancher in Portales, N.M. on one of Littlefield’s ranches. The flags in this photo are some of many that Texans fought under during the war. There is one federal flag directly behind my flag representing the four federal cavalry units from Texas. A total of 250 Confederate units came from Texas. Texas sent more cavalry units to the war than infantry units. No other state did this.

I’m retired with one daughter, Rachel. She was born in the Philippines while I was there in the Navy. Have a 5 year old grandson and 18 month old granddaughter. Dot is kept busy baby-sitting since everyone lives with us, while Rachel does some substitute teaching and Don is going back to school to get a degree in radiology. That is it in a nutshell.

Bill Fowler 152 Heatherwood Court Rhome, Texas 76078 (This just north of Fort Worth about 35 miles) (940) 627-6277

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