Christmas  At LHS  1960
Has it really been that long ago?

I know each of you have your own special memories of your days at Littlefield High School. My guess is that not too many of them relate to Christmas, since we were out for the holiday. I remember the band concerts and choir concerts, because music was the 'fun' in high school for me. Even if you did not have the experiences playing an instrument or singing at LHS, perhaps you will enjoy going back to December of 1960-- to relive some of what the choir and a brass sextet did that year.

Clicking on "REHEARSAL" below will bring up an audio excerpt from one class on the LHS stage-- when we were getting ready to perform for an assembly and also to sing at the two Littlefield hospitals. We sang in the hallways, except for one patient. Detlif Cole's mom was hospitalized with terminal cancer-- If I remember correctly, most of us crammed into her room to sing, knowing that it would be her last Christmas.

"CONCERT" will bring up a segment from the performance in our auditorium.  And finally, the "REPRISE" offers a part of that concert when the audience was invited to sing along. An insert in this recording is by Donnie Bolton, who reduced some of the noise and 'hum' in the original recordings-- back in May of 2004.


Back then we had no idea of what would be happening in our lives some 54 years down the line, did we? And anyway, it would have been the last thing on our minds.

                              ----Gene in Amarillo