Marilyn's Photos

How did you establish important social connections in the 50s? If you were a girl, the Girl Scouts provided an opportunity to make new friends! In the above photo (left to right) are -?-, Marilyn Douglass, Betty Sue Thompson, Iivey Lee Miller, -?-, Carol Bellomy, Billie Jean Wren, Marilyn Wheeler, Donna Henshaw, -?-, -?- and -?-.

Pictured above are the 1960-61 Cheerleaders in their 'civies'. Left to right are: Billie Vann, Sylvia Trimmer, Stacie Hart, Shelley Martin and Marilyn Douglass.

And here is how they looked in their Wildcat uniforms! Left to right: Sylvia, Marilyn, Stacie, Billie and Shelley: