We attended Littlefield, Texas Public Schools!

Please note: This is NOT full coverage of the reunion-- just personal photos that were taken mostly at random. I didn't attend the Friday morning golf tournament. Sadly, I was unable to catch former LHS coach E. J. Webb for a photo, before he left the building Saturday night. These four pages contain 69 960x720 pixil photos, and will be very slow to load if you are on a dial-up or other slow connection. If you start getting 'blank' photos, then just keep hitting your reload button.

Friday-- Early visits and registration:

Above: Gary and Doris Byrne were all settled in at the Waylon Jennings RV park!

Our 'stage' was set up along the east side of the Lamb County Ag & Community Building.

Emil Macha, long-time Littlefield businessman and civic leader (below), went over last minute plans with Ronnie Vaughn, Class of 1959.

One of the first guests to arrive was Hugh Ellison, former Junior High and High School Choir Director:

Mr. Ellison, now 88, produced choirs that continually brought home top awards for LHS.   He visited (below) with Billy Howell, Class of 1966:

Registered and ready to go (below, left to right)-- Kenny & Carol (Evans) Pounds; Nancy (Turner) Carlisle, Max Ball and Marilyn (Douglas) Parker:

Check out all of these smiling faces!

It was really nice to again see and visit with our former math teacher, Olen Mahaffey:

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