Gene's Photo Trades

Here are some photos of classmates taken around 6th grade. Remember how we used to 'trade pictures' back then? I have identified (below each row) the names as I remember them.


May Belle Ayres, Jimmie Grimes, Toribio Hernandez


Bobby Crawley, Ronnie Dalton, Doyle Reeves


Jerry Brantley, Hirshel Young, Leland Stone


Lewis Clarida, Troy Barnett, Bobby Dow


Margene Miller, Joyce Vaughn, Katie Hoppe


Ulen Kennemer, Larry Young, Rita Ann Askew


?, Marilyn Wheeler, Mickey Montgomery


Kenneth Bishop, Mickey Jolley, Carmelita Webb


Priscilla Ivie, Nina Jean Rankin, Charlotte Stephens


?, Kay McCormick, Jerry Ammons


Daniel Martinez, Donna Henshaw, Jeanette McAmis


Wilton Washburn, Kenneth Ogerly?, Mary Hernandez